Cyren's journey...

CyrenMedia (cyrenmedia ltd), started in 2007 by a group of enthousiasts from around the world, who got early involved with digital marketing as a career development profession.

The years got past and, appart from some rare moments where all founding members worked together, most projects runned on a freelancing basis by each member working separately. The umbrella term “CyrenMedia” was never really effective in binding remote workers and align them for the competion of a common project. Inevitably communication was lost…

So we changed roots

Build upon our Moto “ethosergoexcellence“, we have rebuilt our image by first establishing the main characteristics for this new brand. For this task we looked deep in our roots and we kept only those which could prepare the company better for the future. 

Truly International, Borderless, Laissez -Faire Economy.

CyrenMedia v2020 is on early beta-testers review stage working to the mission of becoming a challenger in the digital publications industry. The goal is to leverage technology for the benefit of remote workers around the world, providing them with the right content at the right media device. 

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